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Abdullah Abu Diab

Sara Rent a Car is one of the oldest companies that has actively engaged in car rental. It started its business in Saudi Arabia for more than 25 years and its branches cover Riyadh, Jeddah, Khobar,
The company continues to achieve development and growth and improve the quality of service provided to the customer and we are constantly trying to rise to the level of our customers aspirations.
Our rental rates are still the lowest among companies operating in Saudi Arabia for all types of cars.

Sara Rent A Car

Abdullah Abu Diab

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We gained the trust of thousands of customers

Collection of luxury car brands


Striving to be a leading and distinguished company in the world of car rental and reaching far reaching prospects


Achieving quality and providing distinguished services to all clients that meet their needs and desires


  • Honesty and honesty in dealing with customers
  • Respect in dealing with all people who work with us
  • Teamwork as one coherent team